in love with 30 person in one time

Have you ever been fallin in love in 30 person in one time?

I have..

Being one of the Nippon Foundation Nikkei Scholarship – Student is a delightful and one of many reasons for me to be happy. Not only because of the opportunity to study in Japan, but also the opportunity to learn about leadership, humanity, social, culture and many more. But the more reason that i am really happy to be one of the scholar is I am being part of a big family that have a very tight bond – with love and care to each other.

NFSA private beach party

We came from many different countries, different languages but we have the same common, we’re all nikkei. Some of us had a very difficult childhood were people hate us because we’re mix blood, but we’re all survive – and now together and bring those bad memories as things that we learned and started our live as a better person.

Okinawa Castle tour

As a Scholar, one of the opportunity is getting to getter with other Nippon Foundation Nikkei Scholar to have many activities. One of it is Kenshu (training), where we can have workshop, lecture, and vacation together. We’re also being together and think how we can do a social activity – share our experience and knowledge to other. What a great opportunity, isn’t it? We have a media to do something for someone else. New Link, new friends, new opportunity. And this time, we went to Okinawa for our Kenshu. Was really fun!!

Check in for the Hotel

For your information, our Okinawa was not just an Okinawa. Was not just a Holiday. Many meetings, lecture and workshop were the main activity. Even though we went to some tourism spots, for me those were not even holiday – because we still did our meeting there. For me, i got my holiday feelings when i was talking with the other, sharing, eating and drinking, singing and laugh together – even we did it in the middle of the meeting. For me, the happiest feeling was when i woke up then i saw my sisters were also there, and i saw my brothers “morning face” in the restaurant while they were having breakfast. Glad feelings was when i felt so miserable then my sisters and brothers hugged me from your back and say “It’s okay, icha..”.

OKA - Naha International Airport, Okinawa


This group always makes me feel okay.. this group always makes me feel to free.. they allow me to be my self.. i love them! I love my NFSA brothers and sisters.

Half of us will be graduated next march, and new member will replace them. Me too, I will be graduated soon. This makes me so mellow. If i am going back to Indonesia, i won’t know when will i meet them again. I might gone before i can say that i love them.. But this is life.. 🙂


I miss the old days when we always had dinner and celebrate anything that we can just to enjoy the time together with everyone 🙂

Hope we can do it again soon! Miss you all!

ps : Pictures taken from William’s canpan blog..