me and my korean look

it’s been a week that i got a hard cough and a serious back pain that made me stood on my bed, i wasn’t able to stand up, walking even to sit more than 5 minutes. haahh~

Within those time, i killed my time with reading and wathing documentary. Then somehow i was curious about korean style.. i learned how to do make up ala korean style.

interesting, so minimalist. The key for korean make up are :
– white and clean
– eye liner
– soft pink cheeks
– soft ombre lips
– straight, soft brows


My gear. Bought them in Japan, not too expensive – was summer discount.


i love doing make up, for me it’s like making art work with your face as your canvas.


what do you think?

let’s try to make it more korean with adding hat..


feel so young..
trust me, this poses are only for the the blog.. πŸ˜€

but in the end.. i am not korean.. but i love their make up rules..

okay then..
see you..


2 thoughts on “me and my korean look

    • chazky says:

      bisaa.. pasti bisa ben.. aku br belajar make up jg waktu d jepang. asal toolsnya bener.. banyak aku beli di θ–¬γ‚„ atau amazon.. haha

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