Me and my daily make up

I am not a perfect make up lady and so far away from make up guru tittle.
I am also not going to give you any tutorial either, because I learn how to make up via Michelle Phan’s youtube. So you might want to see it there.

So why do I have to write this blog, is because I got some questions from friends of how, why and what kind of makeup do I use on my daily… 🙂 And ladies, eyes are where people focusing on you when they’re talking to you, so you might want your eyes to also help you to confince them that you’re giving them attention ★

From eyes going down to the heart..

I have a sleepy eyes with a small eyelid.  And it is almost imposible for me to get out from home without any make up patching on my face (eye minimum) or people will ask if I just had a headache or diarhea (coz im often got those thing and look so pale after the “attack”)

My skin is very sensitive. Wrong product attached means acne and itchy skin for about a week. So I almost never use any foundation, mosturizer nor powder. I have a big pore also, so I’m affraid if I’d make it even bigger if I am using a “mask” too often. So yeah.. eye make up is my only weapon..

Before I start my make up. I always wash my face first with water and dry it with soft towel or face tissue. Here I tried to reduce the oil on my face. I used to have proactive as my face cleaning product, but it’s hard to get it from Indonesia. Now I only trust my face to my wudhu~ (before praying)..

I start with wearing my contact (if feel tired with eye glasses). This is important, because you wont be able to open your eyes freely after make up.. Then put the eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and draw my eye brow with pencil. Dont use black pencil, dark brown is better to make your face looks “cleaner”.. I am also using blush on sometimes, for me, this to make my face looks “brighter”. And lastly my lip gloss, just to mosturize my lips 🙂


For the product, I am actually in love with shiseido, but damn it’s so expensive in here… and because my skin is very sensitive, so I had to try so many products one by one and I got this combination that is so OKE for me…


Eyebrow pencil – viva (I guess)
Lip gloss – maybelline
Eye shadow – maybelline
Eyeliner – oriflame (I usually use maybelline products, but I think I forgot it somewhere with my mascara which also maybelline – the puple one)
Another eyeshadow for darker shading – I forgot the name, I bought it in a drug store in japan..

I love to do make up..
But over all, I love my make up effect after shower! Hoho… all melted…

Thanks for reading..
Hope this will be inspiring~

Xoxo ♡


3 thoughts on “Me and my daily make up

    • chazky says:

      HAHAHAHA!!! engga kok.. selingan.. lo mesti tau rasanya ngetik konten, trs mati kutu lupa mau ngomong apaan di tengah2.. nah ini jadinya, pengalihan isu.. haha

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