Listen to your heart..
Allah speak to you directly to your soul..

We are human, right?
We made mistakes. But don’t have to be worry, coz we’re not an angel..
We do make mistake..

Listen to your heart..

People might always offer you many choices,
But you know what best for you..
Things that will make you happy..

Listen to your heart,
But it doesn’t mean that you can push your ego to someone else.

You is you..
We are human, right?

When you are listen to your heart,
and choose wisely what would be best for you,
Then you’ll find the true path of yours..
Even if you fail,
that’d be the greatest experience that teaches you how to make no more failure in the future..

Listen to your heart,
You deserve a better life..

You are the one who walk on your life line..
Listen to your heart,
Or you will cry for the aftermath of someone else’s ego….

Listen to your heart..
We are human…


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