what’s in my head?

Sebenernya ini hal yang malu-maluin..

Tapi sesungguhnya saya takut..


what’s in my head? literally..

i cannot remember simple things..

i easily forget about something..

i cannot remember password that i made 5 minutes ago..

I forget everything..

To be honest, i’m afraid if someday i won’t be able to remember anything even my name.. lebay.. indeed.. because i do feel the effect..

my head hurts so bad.

I sometimes got really painful attack on my right head.. only few second and disappear,  my neck is always stiff after that..

Went to the doctor, he just said that my body needs more calcium. Ate the medication since then, but the pain always appear every time i stop the pill.

(calcium supporting pill only allowed being consumed for 2 weeks, then stop for few weeks before you eat it again)

Neuro medication never been effective.

what’s in my head?

or it’s just part of my stress.


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