wabbit was here!

wabbit was here!

my truly mission is to find the real story about my ancestors.. but somehow, i’m enjoying traveling in this country..  a bit shy that i’m not traveling too much in my own country.. it’s because of some “strick rules” that i’m living in.

I am now traveling in Kyushu for filming Kokoronotomo TV program. NO! i am not working for metro tv.. feel blessed to be in this production team. to see Japan deeper and get ore insight and have more reason to love this country. well, I am proud to be Indonesian who travels a lot in Japan, even more than the local people here..  :p hehehe!!!

I was not a traveler. I was just a down town girl with a big dream. i just want to see the world, in anyways..


Now, because i feel like i have more “power” to step up and feel my freedom,  i am wearing this anklet..

Talking about this anklet, i made it my self when i went traveling with Taiji to visit Ryoko and Kenji in Fukuoka 2 years ago.. and funny, i will be in Fukuoka by the end of this journey – almost exactly anniversary of my beloved anklet.. :p

Actually i promise my mother to dismiss this anklet after my wedding day.. but Hopefully my mom will have mercy for me , so i can  still wearing this anklet.. :p

ow, should i make a petition, so i won’t have to loose it?? hehehe~


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