Sakura for mom


Yesterday was the last rehearsal for my thesis presentation before the D day on saturday. I wasn’t sleep at all for 2 nights, so my emotion was so labil, my body was freakin tired and head hurt so bad. I was really unsure with my presentation.

I am not the only one though..

My professor realized how tough our situation was, so she asked us to just go to the park behind our building to enjoy the nature, feel the air and see sakura. Then We (me+professor+collegue from lab) went for hanami (japanese picnic to enjoy sakura view).
The weather was warm (actually 17*c), sunny and the sky was so clear. I enjoyed the time where we shared; no formality, no hard discussion, only jokes and light conversation. I realized that actually my professor has a very beautiful voice..

I was actually should be happy..
But my heart was a little bit scrumbled. I don’t know why. Maybe because of my flu, my thesis, my bed time and my personal life.. Huft

Suddenly, out of the blue, i received a text message from my mom. She cheered me, said that i have to be strong.. I miss her!
I didn’t even text her to say anything about my situation..

My head hurts, so super sleepy, quite bad mood – even red bull couldn’t even fixed that.
Thank for my mom’s text message, i can built my mood again..

I dedicated all the beauty that i saw today for her.
I love you mom. Thanks for being so sensitive about me.
Thanks God that i was born with her as my mom.

#outoftheblue 🙂


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