all grown up..

I am growing up.. you too, 皆さんも..

And i am so happy that my fairy tales also growing up with me.. Since i was little, Mom always gave me a beautiful story about disney princes, folk tales and stuff like that. She loved to dress me like snow white, seated me in front of TV after afternoon shower for Alice in Wonderland, tell me a story about Red Riding Hood, Tumbelina video to Story about Kancil dan Jaka Tarub. I grown up with that kind of story. Kept my imagination alive.

I left that out when i was teenager, because i felt it would be too childish if i kept those in my life . But now we can find those story again – re-done and epicly produced. Nice to know that those character follow me – i mean us, to our present life. 🙂

Alice in wonderland

Red Riding Hood

Snow White

I hope someday my favorite disney story “Beauty and the Beast” will also produced.. 😀


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