Growing Documentary about Tohoku Disaster

Do you know how I feel about Tohoku Disaster?

I feel like, i have an insight to that matter. I live in Japan, but I am not living in Tohoku Area. But since i felt the earthquake and volunteered from day 2, went there and still have connections with some victims, so – i have something pushing me to do something for them. The thing is, I dont have money to buy them things. I don’t have power to do the reconstruction. I don’t have knowledge to help the medication. I couldn’t even talk to local people in a good Japanese, but i really wanted to do something for them.

Few months ago, fortunately, i got a very good opportunity to do something for them. Do something that i can do with my ability. My professor approved my proposal to make a “growing documentary” for Tohoku. I created the name Growing Documentary as the film will be growth together with the growing of the reconstruction of Tohoku after the disaster. Alhamdulillah.

Now, I am still on my first step. And thanks to Allah, I got a lot of helps from many people to do this documentary. If you wanted to know, most of the people on the credit – i’ve never met them, not even talked to them online. They’re volunteering themselves to the project. They’re from many different backgrounds, countries, educations even ages. So cool! Thank you all!

It’s a very big step for me as my film was shown on CineGrid Showcase on Tokyo International Film Festival 2011 last month in Tokyo – Japan. After that, the CineGrid Community seems interested to the idea and offer us to work together. I am so happy for that. Alhamdulillah.

Now, Let me show you the documentary. I hope you like it! 🙂

As this documentary will keep growing, it will need many “seeds” + “waters” + “oxygens” + “fertilizers” and so on.. So, if you interested to join me with this project, feel free to contact me. You can be anywhere, any time zone, any island, any country from any background or any thing.. and let’s figure out what can you do on this project 🙂

I hope this project will bring out more energy to Tohoku reconstruction, a learning source for people in the future and also motivate people to helping and loving each other (anywhere).. 🙂



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