love letter for mom

Dear Mom..

I am crying now. Not because i am sad, but because i am happy..

This whole week, I got so many hugs and not only hugs, people also said “i am so proud of you” – for what i did.. I want to share my happiness with you!

Mommy, You know that i am not clever, i am not pretty, i was even a bullying target. We’re not rich, we almost had nothing.. But i’m so grateful to have you as my mom. The one who made me like this today. My very precious!

I am still no body today, but i swear I’ll be “somebody” one day!

Thank you mom for raising me with a lot of loves.

I love you so much!



2 thoughts on “love letter for mom

  1. fadjriah says:

    You are clever, cha.. Yes, i often whishper to my daughter, “we are not pretty, we are not rich, but we are smart!”.. Thats because the neighbourhood bully my kids as a pug nose and fat.
    I beleive that your mommy will be proud of you, even now, because you’re never to be nobody for her, youre always somebody. 🙂

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