asean youth caravan

Sebuah program dari Asean untuk pemuda. Alhamdulillah saya masih muda juga jadi bisa ikut. Tahun ini saya mendapat kesempatan untuk mewakili Indonesia bersama Kiki dan Dika. Asean Youth Caravan ini diperuntukan kepada para korban bencana dempa dan tsunami di aceh. lebih panjangnya, saya copy paste kisahnya dari pagenya. 🙂

thank you for all volunteers..



ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill To Northeast Japan (3-5 June 2011) The Background: The 11 March 2011 Great Earthquake, the subsequent tsunami and the on-going nuclear power plant crisis have brought about a high number of deaths and a wide spread area of destruction and much suffering among hundreds of thousands of survivors in over 2,000 evacuation centers across Japan. On top of the immediate human tragedy, the catastrophic disruption to the Japanese economy is also immense. This is the worst crisis that the Japanese people have ever faced since the Second World War. Japan has been a most generous Dialogue Partner of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and has been instrumental in the industrialization and economic development of the ASEAN Region since the late 1960s. Japanese private investment and the government’s Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) have poured into the member countries of ASEAN in large amounts for the past four decades, accelerating infrastructure and human resources development. The reason that the ASEAN countries have benefitted from the growth of East Asia particularly the economic dynamism of China and India today is due in large part to the earlier waves of Japanese development assistance and investment in our region. When the Great Asian Financial Crisis devastated the ASEAN economies in the late 1990s, Japan led the international efforts under the direction of the International Monetary Fund (lMF) to offer a generous package of financial aid known as the Miyazawa Plan.

Many ASEAN Member States benefited and, indeed, started to stabilize their economies and restore their financial institutions with that unprecedented multinational rescue package. When the global economic crisis came again in 2008, this time originating in the West, all the ASEAN Member States along with the larger economies of East Asia have not only been shielded from the brunt of the worst global downturn in 70 years, but have also been able to bounce back faster than the rest of the world. And East Asia, along with the ASEAN economies, have been leading the global economic recovery, serving as the new growth center and “locomotive” that is pulling the world economy out of its depth of crisis. For this very reason, the ASEAN Member States, led by the ASEAN Foreign Ministers, have shown their sincere condolences and deep sympathy for the tremendous loss of lives and physical destruction suffered by the japanese people. Outpouring of goodwill and continuous streams of donations have been flowing from the governments, the general public and the private citizens and the private business sector all across the ASEAN landscape ever since 11 March Great Earthquake.

THE ASEAN AND JAPAN FOREIGN MINISTERS MEETING: An unprecedented meeting between all 10 ASEAN Foreign Ministers and their Japanese counterpart took place at the ASEAN Secretariat on 9 April 2011. The Ministers agreed that they would do everything possible to extend a helping hand to Japan and the Japanese people to recover from the “triple catastrophe” with immediate and short, medium and long term strategies. They all realized that it would take much effort, a large scale of resources, and a long time for Japan to get back on her feet again. This, the Ministers agreed, is the time to reciprocate the generosity and goodwill that the Japanese people have shown to the people of ASEAN through the years.

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THE ASEAN YOUTH CARAVAN OF GOODWILL: Realizing that hundreds of thousands of unfortunate victims of the triple catastrophe are still being housed in many evacuation centers in Northeast Japan in particular, the ASEAN and Japanese Foreign Ministers have endorsed a proposal to organize a quick “Caravan of ASEAN Youth” to show the goodwill of the ASEAN people to be supported by the civil society and the private sector at no cost to the ASEAN Member States. It was agreed that a small group of ASEAN Youth would travel to Northeast Japan to pay a visit to a few evacuation centres, perform some cultural shows, share their own personal painful experiences from similar natural disasters in recent past, and strengthen the “human bond” that has long existed between the Japanese and ASEAN peoples.

THE TARGET DATE AND PLACES: The ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill is planned for 3-5 June, 2011. The Caravan will visit evacuation centers in the Northeastern coastal communities of Japan that have been devastated by the Great Earthquake and the tsunami of 11 March.

PARTICIPATION: All members of the “ASEAN Caravan of Goodwill” will be on a voluntary, pro bono, basis (charity and free of charge). Some members will travel from some of the ASEAN Member States, the ASEAN Secretariat and some will be invited from among the Tokyo-based youth or students who are interested and willing to join the Caravan of Goodwill. The 10 ASEAN embassies (The ASEAN Tokyo Committee) will be closely consulted and will support the organization of the project without any financial implications to the ASEAN Member States. The Thai Ambassador to Japan, H.E. Virasakdi Futrakul, Chairman of the ASEAN Tokyo Committee, will serve as the main Coordinator in Tokyo. All Ambassadors of the ASEAN Member States in Tokyo will advise and render support to this goodwill initiative.

CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE MEDIA: For such a goodwill initiative to be appreciated by a wider Japanese and ASEAN public, members of the media on both sides will have to play an important role. The National Japan Broadcasting Company (NHK) has agreed to document the “ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill” from the very start until the end over the 3 days period, beginning with its arrival in Japan on 3 June to its departure on 5 June. A special appearance and interview by some of the leading performers, members of the “Caravan” will be arranged for special recording for future broadcast. Some of the media representatives from ASEAN, including the media unit of the ASEAN Secretariat will be invited to join the ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill. Other media representatives from the ASEAN Member States may be invited to join the Caravan.

TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS: Thai International Airways and Air Asia have expressed their readiness to participate in the ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill. The Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) has expressed its interest to record all activities the ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill and special interviews with possible performances studio for future broadcast and wider dissemination to the Japanese and global audience. The Chair of the ASEAN Tokyo Committee, Ambassador Virasakdi Futrakul of Thailand, and his staff have been in close contact with the Nippon Foundation, which has extensive network of volunteers and humanitarian outreach projects in the earthquake-tsunami ravaged areas in Northeast Japan, for arrangements of logistics support.

EXPECTED OUTCOME: All Governments of the ASEAN Member States have conveyed their condolences and deep sympathy to the Government and people of Japan right from the very beginning of this Triple Tragedy. The ASEAN people themselves, in their own separate ways, have joined hands in raising donations for the victims of the Catastrophe. The ASEAN Secretariat is spearheading this ASEAN Youth Caravan of Goodwill, with full support of the private entities and the civil society community in ASEAN, to convey yet another message of goodwill and a sharing of loss and pain that the people of ASEAN feel in the suffering of our Japanese friends. The project, with participation of ASEAN performing artists and youth, will have a lasting impact on the Japanese public through the support of the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK). This strong “human bond of goodwill” will certainly serve as an even firmer foundation for future cooperation between Japan and ASEAN.”


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