pray for Japan

Executive Producer | Muhammad Lutfi, Fithra Faisal, Widyanto Dwi Nugroho
Producer | Annisa ‘chazky’ Hara
Director | Annisa ‘chazky’ Hara
Asistant director | Najwa
Story | PPI Jepang – sencho gorimacho production
Story boarder | Rianti Hidayat
Camera person | Mahardian Rahmadi, Widiyanto Dwi Nugroho, Reza Aryaditya
Editor | Annisa ‘chazky’ Hara
Art and talent advisory | Rianti Hidayat, Agyl Fajar Rizky
Logistic | Riskina Juwita, Hendika Rahmadi, Riski Anggri Wirawan
General affair | Fatahuddin
Data compiler | Ardhi Fachrudin Noor
Media | Farid Triawan, Angga Wirastomo
Talent | Muhammad Lutfi, Miya chan, Khaidar kun
Thanks to Allah SWT, our parents and this dedicated to all people in Japan..


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