what do I want to achieve in life

It’s almost 2 weeks from the new year celebration. And as usually my schedule is so tight just like my pants and my belly (coz i’m more chubby now..hehe~).. Well, everything is going okay so far, 2011 hopefully will become my real wabbit year.. But it seem that i’m forgetting something. I forget to make my resolution of the year. But is that important? I used to make one, then just forgot it after the middle year, coz then i found new passion.. 😀 So, i was not really care about that.


I realize that I do really need that resolution. I need my plan, minor plan and major plan. So far, since I have my schedule starts addicted me and makes me feel so exhausted, all I can think is just about how to escape from the routine. I plan to go here and there, buy this and that. Actually I’m enjoying my life so much. I’m organized but still spontaneous. I always have so much fun with what I do. The thing is, I suddenly feels like a toy and forgetting my passion, thing to achieve and every big dream that I have.. wow..!

After talk with my senior and otto last night, I ask my self again “what do I want to achieve in life?”. I don’t want to end up being a spoiled kinky lady, so depending to somebody else, egoist, and just life for money and my own life.

I want to fly high and see the sky closer..

I want to be useful, I want to help somebody else, I want to learn a lot of things, I want to be somebody! Ya, I want to be a wise independent smart woman whom always share a happiness and ‘warm hug’ to everyone..

2 weeks in 2011 gives me a lot of things to learn. Management, love, technology, language, friendship, everything. I hope i can learn much more. There’re still 46 weeks to go.. 🙂 I still have time even not much, to find a way to achieve my dream and my goal.

Never late for a hope, and I’m hoping that i will be a better person and better and better. 🙂

insyallah.. 🙂



3 thoughts on “what do I want to achieve in life

  1. Cahya says:

    Every new year about years ago, I was a kind of “lets make a resolution, better & better!” then, I found myself cracked my crazy schedules everywhere.

    Then, I thought I won’t make any resolution anymore. Just a wish, everything gone better than my predicament :D.

    • chazky says:

      hehehe… same here!
      but i think those resolution can also burn my passion to accomplish my goal.. hehe, so i need it now.. 😀
      well, myb not a resolution, but new spirit in life, probably??
      what do you think?

      • Cahya says:

        Well, if its a fuel for a passionate attitude, why not. Why need a powerful acceleration to make a start when we feel wanna race with the time.

        I prefer to call it a refreshed mind and body, when we are refreshed, new resolution, new spirit would be there in instant :). Cleansing and redetermining the point of view, the life’s course, would be a refreshed state, and is as well as a subtle resolution, a gentle yet a serious spirit – IMHO.

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