my 2010 kaleidoscope

January :

JOBLESS and faced everyday with tears coz i was missing everyone… I took Japanese Class @ Mie Gakuen – Kedoya Jakarta Barat


February :

Nothing changed except my eyes became dry 😛


March :

My Farewell Party.. Departure day.. Me and Japan


April :

1st day being student @ Shinjuku Nihonggo Gakko, at basic class, with 2 wonderful teachers. Seen sakura for the first time. Beautiful! 1 year anniversary with otto.


May :

Haru no Kenshu with NFSA @ Yokohama then Shizuoka.. I went to Nagoya to visit my Family too ^___^


June :

Keio University Interview.. Was so scary but fun.. my keyword was “professor, i’m in love with this university”


July :

Been Accepted in University. So happy! Backpacking from Tokyo to Nagoya with normal train.. huhu~ and mama was in town!


August :

Hello Summer, Hello Ramadhan, Hello my Birthday and Summer workshop!


September :

Officially being university student.. yippiie!


October :

Nice friends – lovely environment @ KMD… Happy halloween… 😉 and Kaigai Nikkeijin Taikai.


November :

Try to form a B*** and with ’em started to write a song.. ^__^


December :

Busy..busy..busy.. School, Lab, NFSA.. Fuyu no Kenshu @ Nagasaki, so Fun! and Ice skating.. illumination and him!



Right now, I end up with a very happy feeling. I’m so graceful.. 🙂

Thank you Allah for giving me a very kind and lovely Family, friend, love mate, and everyone that being so important for me..

Thank you Allah for my smile, laugh, tears and every emotions that i felt this year. Thank you for every chance that you gave me.. I hope next year, I will be better and always with You to keep me ‘warm’…

Happy New Year all…

Thank you so much for reading all my moment.. I’m hoping you will also have a wonderful time in 2011..


-warmest hugs-




4 thoughts on “my 2010 kaleidoscope

  1. irman sofa says:

    a wonderful year for you cha.. seriously i’m so envy.. live in Japan one of the greatest country in universe..what do you think!? huhuhu
    New York i’m cominnnng *ngayal* hahaha

    suksess chaa…jadi desainer handal Indonesiaaaa \m/

    • chazky says:

      thank you maman… 🙂
      don’t envy…
      i also had a very hard time before. work more than 2 years just to be dumbed..
      work hard and keep your dream! i know that you’re a good person too!

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