hello december

Starting december,

it’s still 21 days before christmas, but all the things here are decorated..

i love the color and the lamp.. illumination..

so beautiful, so romantic..

Christmas in Japan is very different from the real christmas in other place. Here, that 25th of December means ‘lovers day’. Yups, the day of couples. Everything magically switched into romantic. Streets, malls, streets lamps, everything..

They said, people has to celebrate it with their lover. It’s something new for me, i never know that before. I mean, i don’t celebrate christmas,but i know christmas means going to church, then get together with family, snow and santa.. Here i found it different. Christmas’s not only for those who celebrate, it’s more like christmas for everybody. Specially for couple.  The thing is, then people get hurry to find a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate that moment together.


What will I do that day?

hm.. I think I’ll go enjoying the illumination around the city. I think it would be perfect… 🙂


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