her name is heidi and i love her



First time I saw you, you were walked in the park

You were just an ordinary girl and I didn’t notice you at all

Through times, then I see a difference in you

We’re getting closer every day and I really felt that the love was true

One day when the sun rises again

Would you come here and see me someday

To smile for you is my delight

My heart pumping so hard to meet you really

You whom I will regret in life if I don’t get you Heidi

Just want to let you know, I will wait for the entire of my life

Thursday morning you told me that we will never be apart

Cause the next day you will go away, to another country, far away

And then I realize that you will never back again

Since that all my life seems so blue, but inside my heart, i will always you

(hope the text’s correct)

a song from ballad of the cliche, which is helping me so much to ‘move on’..

Thanks to the cute guitarist whom always make me feel better and better and probably more than better.. 🙂

* let’s break the rules again someday


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