she moves to miss world 2007

kamidia radisti


Age: 23

Occupation: Student

Height: 169

Kamidia was born in Surabaya, East Java and grew up in Bandung, West Java. Indonesia is a tropical country located on the equator and has only two seasons, wet and dry, it is very beautiful with coconut trees standing all along its seashores. Kamidia is a student, and a marketing manager of a free magazine about local clothing; her ambition is to become a journalist. Her hobby is shopping and she enjoys: sports, dancing the Salsa, singing and playing the “Sasando” (a traditional Indonesian string musical instrument). Her proudest moment was when she overcame her greatest fear, the darkness of the sea, and swam 3,800m between Java and Madur Island. Favourite music is: Pop and the Bossanova. Kamidia enjoys Chinese, Italian and Indonesian food. Personal motto is “Learn everything in order to deliver the best out of me and widen the horizon of my knowledge.”

klik to see her

let’s hoping for the best…



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