The little private thing in myself recently

There’s nothing to compare, the glorious, colorful feeling that we have when we found out that secret lust and longing for someone – someone who we never uttered to others, unknown, by anyone, but to our own heart. In life that is so chaotic like today, anything is possible, and everything that is reasonable is no longer acceptable. We do everything based on our heart, instinct, not our minds. Including me. I have crossed boundaries too, in the past, no matter how idealistic I was during my innocent young age.

Looking at myself today, I would accept if someone ridicules me for being inconsistent at most times. I have always wanted loyalty from others, but often I don’t find it in myself. A true, bitter realisation, but fortunately, it’s the truth. I will have to wait until I get betrayed myself, or have I had that in the past?
(taken from my love’s blog)

apa lagi yg bisa gw bilang..
ketika lo sayang sama orang, dan lo berharap selalu menjadi orang nomer satu baginya..apa yang lo harap??
ketika semua jiwa-raga hanya tertuju pada seseorang itu dan dia membalas cinta lo, apa yang lo harap??
sayangnya harapan gw harus kandas..
orang yang gw sayangin, orang yg gw cintain mecahin semua harapan gw..
apa jadinya gw?
apa gw bener2 g bisa ngejaga perasaan gw? atau emang gw sedang dihianatin????

apa yg harus gw perbuat????


ya Allah….


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