10 facts

1. i love to eat.. but i’m not eat that much.. 😀 (in fact, i’m ‘heavy’..)

2. i really love children, and i want to have 5 kids..

3. i’m a karaoke yippie person.. (bad voice, but love to sing..)

4. i’m not a morning person. 10 am is the best time to start the day. 😀

5. i’m not cook much, but i know that i can make a good food..

6. hard working babes.. 😛

7. i can just watching movies all day without getting out from my room.. except for toilet

8. i dance.. (**** look at point number 3)

9. i can be a talkative person or very super extraordinary silent stone.  (‘__’)

10. narcissist…. ooopps!


3 thoughts on “10 facts

  1. alex says:

    ngak kebayang ketemu icha, gendong anak, 2 orang lari sana sini, satu lagi nangis2, satu lagi di gendong dgn air iler basahi baju icha, trs satu lagi dalam troli tidur…. wakakakaka

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